Saltersgate Bank Top Pickering
Hunting Since 1939


Hounds in the snow


The Saltersgate Farmers Hunt began in 1939.

Captain Medlecote started the hunt and Mr Stan Mackley of Glebe Farm Saltersgate was the first Huntsman.

In Mr Mackley’s days the hounds would be all trencher fed, all the hunting men would keep one or two hounds each.

On hunting mornings Stan Mackley the Huntsman would go to Saltergate Bank Top and blow his horn to gather all the hounds from the surrounding area.

Stan continued hunting throughout the war years.

Since then the hounds kennels have had a number of moves around farms in Lockton. In 1975 they moved to Warren Farm and we are very grateful to say they are still kennelled there today.

Saltersgate Farmers Hunt is well supported by the local community and many of the fixtures are lawn meets where local people take great pride in entertaining the hunt followers.